GC1A2G3 DesertCache   geocaching 

#1600: 13 oktober 2010

boyboy oh boy. Thank heavens for Texan winds. It is empty here. And even with the wind blowing the sun is burning down on us.

out: tb mini mummy

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GCMNBR ACCUY   geocaching 

#1601: 13 oktober 2010

even without proper coordinates in the gps, Tomtom was able to bring me close enough to this cache. From there on I saw the cache before Garmin was fed the numbers.

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GC293FW Outdoor Artwork   geocaching 

#1602: 14 oktober 2010

we saw a passenger train coming through town. Thats. a first!

nice and easy cache.

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GC11C1B Look Into The Horizon!!!   geocaching 

#1603: 14 oktober 2010

indeed, see the horizon. Thats one big view here!

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GC119Z8 Convenience Lost - Terrell   geocaching 

#1604: 14 oktober 2010

you wonder why this is not taken down. I mean, it could be dangerous when one of these collapses, right? Anyway, the cache was far enough to feel safe.

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GC537 Old Roy Bean's Stash at the Pecos River, Texas   geocaching 

#1605: 14 oktober 2010

This is turning into a typical Texas vacation. Everything keeps getting bigger, larger, better and older. We broke our personal record "most finds in a day" (oct 3: 102 caches), "most words in a log" (necropolis of britannica III: 4000+ characters). This is by far the oldest cache we have found. It is antique! and if this is still the original container, it is showing its age. The logbook should be in a museum logs with email addresses. We have never seen those before.

Oh, and a grand location. Perfect for lunch.

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GC293F0 Long Road to Nowhere   geocaching 

#1606: 14 oktober 2010

wootwoot... out since last May and we are still second to find. Geocaching is not really hot down here?

strange road this.

anyway: tftc
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GC29DQX Geo-Jalopy #45 "The only cache in Kinney Co."   geocaching 

#1607: 14 oktober 2010

huh? we drove by "another" Kinney county cache just 10 minutes ago. How is this the only one than? ahwell. another one to break our drive.

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GC26Y0P Uvalde Plaza   geocaching 

#1608: 14 oktober 2010

what a nice old town. We were just to late to browse all the antique stores, but we enjoyed the old center just as much.
Replacing the cache took longer than finding it. I had lost the location of the "hanging" point (duh)...

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GC1JTB6 Hiking and Biking Around the Mission Trail #63   geocaching 

#1609: 15 oktober 2010

we scared a scorpio when we lifted the cover. Or it scared us. Dunno.

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GC1JTA2 Hiking and Biking Around the Mission Trail #60   geocaching 

#1610: 15 oktober 2010

jup. we are able to locate this one.

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GC1JT9Y Hiking and Biking Around the Mission Trail #59   geocaching 

#1611: 15 oktober 2010

uhoh. This almost turned out the next not found. At the last moment I spotted something blue peeking out.

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GC1JT9T Hiking and Biking Around the Mission Trail #58   geocaching 

#1612: 15 oktober 2010

nice and pretty easy grab.

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GC1JD6C Hiking and Biking Around the Mission Trail #31   geocaching 

#1613: 15 oktober 2010

one rather busy road here. finally a normal hide, we recognize.

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GC1JTBA Hiking and Biking Around the Mission Trail #64   geocaching 

#1614: 15 oktober 2010

if this cache was hanging from a piece of rope, we found the rope. with nothing attached. I will give myself a found, even though we did not sign any log. if it was not hanging fromn a shoelace, please delete this log, I will than mark it as (yet another) not found

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GC1JTBN Hiking and Biking Around the Mission Trail #66  geocaching 

#1615: 15 oktober 2010

quickly found.

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GC1JFW1 Hiking and Biking Around the Mission Trail #36  geocaching 

#1616: oktober 2010

d2 t2 and an extreme easy find.

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GC1JFWH Hiking and Biking Around the Mission Trail #37  geocaching 

#1617: oktober 2010

poop. After searching for 25 minutes and returning after dead-ending we gave it another try. And I spotted something odd at the tree.

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GC11GH7 kick the tires and light the fire  geocaching 

#1618: oktober 2010

the hint is completely beyond our brains. we found it none the less.

lampenkap cache
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GC25ZRK MCP #1 Ants in the Pants  geocaching 

GC25ZRX MCP #2 Apples to Apples  geocaching 

GC25ZT3 MCP #3 Backgammon  geocaching 

GC25ZVY MCP #4 Blurt  geocaching 

GC25ZV2 MCP #5 Bingo  geocaching 

GC25ZV5 MCP #6 Boggle  geocaching 

GC25ZV9 MCP #7 Canasta  geocaching 

GC25ZWJ MCP #8 Candy Land  geocaching 

GC25ZWN MCP #9 Capture the Flag  geocaching 

GC25ZWF MCP #10 Dominoes  geocaching 

GC25ZWY MCP #11 Checkers  geocaching 

GC25ZX5 MCP #13 Child's Play  geocaching 

GC25ZX7 MMCP #14 Chinese Checkers  geocaching 

GC25ZX9 MCP #15 Chutes and Ladders  geocaching 

GC25ZXH MCP #17 Connect Four  geocaching 

GC25ZXY MCP #19 Cowboys and Indians  geocaching 

GC25ZXT MCP #20 Cranium  geocaching 

GC26355 MCP #21 Kick the Can  geocaching 

GC2635E MCP #22 Monopoly  geocaching 

GC2635T MCP #23 Name That Tune  geocaching 

GC26364 MCP #24 Spin the Bottle  geocaching 

GC25ZVC MCP #25 Blind Man's Buff  geocaching 

GC2634N MCP #26 Cat's Cradle  geocaching 

GC2634C MCP #27 Carrom  geocaching 

GC263E3 MCP #28 Great Train Robbery  geocaching 

GC25ZW4 MCP #30 Butts Up  geocaching 

GC25ZT7 MCP #31 Bakugan  geocaching 

GC25ZTJ MCP #32 Balderdash  geocaching 

GC2636G MCP #33 Twister  geocaching 

GC2661D MCP #34 Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots   geocaching 

GC263FK MCP #35 Tiddly Winks   geocaching 

GC263FE MCP #36 Pick up Stix   geocaching 


GC263EM MCP #37 Don't Break The Ice   geocaching 

GC263F0 MCP #38 Yahtzee   geocaching 

GC26609 MCP #40 Farkle  geocaching 

GC26698 MCP #41 Life  geocaching 

GC266AW MCP #43 Tripoley   geocaching 

GC266BE MCP #44 Skip Bo   geocaching 

GC2660D MCP #45 Payday   geocaching 

GC266A8 MCP #46 Mystery Date   geocaching 

GC265ZH MCP #47 Dont Wake Daddy   geocaching 

GC266C2 MCP #48 War   geocaching 

GC265ZM MCP #49 Duck Duck Goose   geocaching 

GC266BR MCP #50 Sorry   geocaching 

GC25ZTV MCP #51 Battleship   geocaching 

GC265ZB MCP #52 Tic Tac Toe   geocaching 

GC2660H MCP #53 Guess Who   geocaching 

GC26610 MCP #54 HI HO Cherry O   geocaching 

GC2668Z MCP #55 Jenga   geocaching 

GC26600 MCP #56 Duckpin Bowling   geocaching 

GC2669Q MCP #57 Monkey In The Middle   geocaching 

GC26693 MCP #58 Kerplunk   geocaching 

GC266BX MCP #59 Uno   geocaching 

GC266AN MCP #60 Red Rover   geocaching 

GC266A0 MCP #61 Mumblety-Peg   geocaching 

GC2668W MCP #62 Jacks   geocaching 

GC272DH MCP #63 Oops.. this was almost forgotten   geocaching 


GC2660M MCP #64 Go to the Head of the Class  geocaching 

GC266AE MCP #65 Operation  geocaching 

GC266JX MCP #66 Dodge Ball  geocaching 

GC266JY MMCP #67 Sudoku   geocaching 

GC266K6 MCP #68 Labyrinth  geocaching 

GC266K8 MCP #69 Tag   geocaching 

GC266KC MCP #70 Scrabble   geocaching 

GC266KE MCP #71 Pin the Tail on the Donkey   geocaching 

GC266KH MCP #72 Limbo   geocaching 

GC266KP MCP #73 Mouse Trap   geocaching 

GC266KY MCP #74 Perfection   geocaching 

GC266M1 MCP #75 Trouble   geocaching 

GC266M2 MCP #76 Eagles   geocaching 

GC266M4 MCP #77 Ring around the Rosie   geocaching 

GC266M7 MCP #78 Kickball   geocaching 

GC266M9 MCP #79 Pachinko   geocaching 

GC266MW MCP #83 Jump Ropel   geocaching 

GC266MC MCP #80 Hopscotch   geocaching 

GC266MG MCP #81 Don't Spill the Beans   geocaching 

GC266MM MCP #82 Mahjong   geocaching 

GC266N2 MCP #84 Crazy 8's   geocaching 

GC266N7 MCP #85 Go Fish   geocaching 

GC266N9 MCP #86 Foosball   geocaching 

GC266NC MCP #87 Perquackey   geocaching 

#1619-1699: 16 oktober 2010
team novw is trying to beat their own record. Last week we found 102 caches, today we found 105. This was xxx/105.

cache run. 105 caches. In één dag. Pfrt.
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