#1400: 1 oktober 2010

so... according to gc.com we are third to find. according to the logsheet we are 4th... hm. strange location for a cache, but

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GC2A79G Emerald Field TB Hideout  geocaching 

#1401: 1 oktober 2010

Funny how government is too dumb to plan a highway and yet they are smart enough to built a complete suburban road system and all connections. Could it be a highway costs and selling ground gives profit? hmmm

big box! nicely packed!

in: torie elephant
in: message in a bottle
out: 2 tb
disc: 559202
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GC167CD Battleground  geocaching 

#1402: 1 oktober 2010

thanks to the person that left the "ruler" there... I needed it plus the carkey to be able to squeeze this one out.

opgevouwen onder het monument
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GC2AV94 Independence  geocaching 

#1403: 1 oktober 2010

jikes! so this is where they grow them mosquitos... holymoly. many many many many many musquitos. Did I mention there are MANY mosquitos? Oh, and the box is filled to the brim. It took me quite some time to locate the logbook. Presumably a very nice cache. With the mosquitos guarding it: not enough time to look around.

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GC2B9P2 Slippery Pig   geocaching 

#1404: 1 oktober 2010

hm. we parked in the wrong spot, but found it quick enough after a small walk. nicely tugged cache.


out: pathtag
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GC1KCD9 Bell Park Geocoin Pit Stop  geocaching 

#1405 1 oktober 2010

haha. We did not trust the GPS, so we searched in circles. We found a (the?) letterbox in the same park, and finally upon very good inspection, I look close enough...

super cache, but no d:1.5!


in: tb close the doors 1
in het {spoiler}
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GC1ZXMJ Souper Sweet  geocaching 

#1406: 1 oktober 2010

Together with crossmage who is showing us around town. Fortunatele we have seen this type of cache before. I can imagine one searching for hours and hours around GZ...

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GC1B3HP My First One - with More to Come  geocaching 

#1407: 1 oktober 2010

harhar... we did not fall for this one. Very well executed. I think you could as well move it to the front! The more you try to hide it, the more noticeable it will be.

sticker, met log erachter op geplakt.
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GC12TVM May He Rest in Peace  geocaching 

#1408: 1 oktober 2010

oops, wrong text with the right cache. This is a very cool, and eary way to hide a cache! In these surroundings we were a bit careful in just lifting things...

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GC2FXC3 Chillin by the lake  geocaching 

#1409: 1 oktober 2010

Crossmage is showing us around town. And man, is he doing a good job! He even fixed us up with a FTF. I drove us to the location, and Crossmage found it, so a true co-ftf.

in een boompje
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GC2FWFY Can you hear me now?  geocaching 

#1410: 2 oktober 2010

So we are driving from Houston over to Austin, and suddenly Crosssmage hits the brakes and turns the wheel. We end up somewhere where there is nothing. Or is there?

Yup, after (like the previous cacher) walking straight by the cache location, we retraced our steps and I was able to lift the cache.

CO- second to find (stf) ;)

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GC1KN0Q All Aboard!  geocaching 

#1411: 2 oktober 2010

I did not even realize this was a nano until I picked it out of its hiding place. Lovely litle station you've got here in a very nice town.

Nano in het logo
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GC1K5CM Old Jail  geocaching 

#1412: 2 oktober 2010

After running around the fence we finally went to the inside. Nice! a church that doubles as a jail...
The actual grab took a little more effort. Many mugles were wondering what the heck we were all doing in there.

water pijp in de grond
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GC1M3Y9 Fachwerk / Etaerio Club   geocaching 

#1413: 2 oktober 2010

Neat! We know the original fachwerk-häuser from Germany. Its cool to see one here. FYI: these buildings are usually painted white, while the wood is tarred in a black color.

spoiler pic
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GCJG9B The Picard Nuptials  geocaching 

#1414: 2 oktober 2010

A large is always worth a detour. Since this detour took us about 5 minutes it was double worth it.
Man oh man, dis we have fun with the veil. There will be a TON of pictures added to this log, if I can get permission from everybody...

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GC2B034 Necropolis of Britannia Manor III  geocaching 

#1415: 2 oktober 2010
My first response to Crossmage's log was: ditto. Or: “yip. What he said”. Than I thought that would be the chicken way to go, so here goes:

Our cars took us to the undertaker in town. We quickly discovered the meaning and the followings of his life, and jotted down the information we thought we would need. We also were smart enough to take a whole bunch of pictures so we could later read what he h* was going on. We did the easy thing: mounted the cars and went onwards.

Chapter two almost became our Nemesis. We thought hard and Long, we figured Stephan Hawkins had something to do with it. We looked left, we looked up and down. We even looked right. At the end, after the hourglass showed us one and a half hour was lost, our trustworthy companion decided to start calling helplines. I had already given up and was sitting in the shade looking at the rest of our group still trying to solve the problem posed. Our rescuer talked to Kansas, he even talked to Spain.
Finally the answer came up. And it was blisteringly simple. We just were not using our eyes. The world was at peace, and we reflected upon ourselves. All the clues that were given turned out to be wrong, misleading or plain false.

Chapter three was a breeze of fresh air. The cars brought us over, we halted and there it was. Sticking out as if it had always been waiting for us to come by. As if it had always trusted us to find the answer to chapter two. And this time we did not fail. We found it even before leaving the cars.

At chapter four we were indeed almost removed from the grounds by force. There was a private party and we were not invited. But the local guardian turned out to be a blessing in disguise. He gave away the most important clues because he wanted to get us of the grounds as fast as possible. We tried to have a drink of water, but he would not allow us.

At chapter five we almost died. Those steps are way way way way way high. Thankfully the view is worth it, so we stood in amazement for a while while our companion solved the puzzle. We would not have seen what he saw in the blink of an eye. We saw our neighbors country. The view is almost identical to that you would find on top of the sides of the river Rhein in Germany. We felt right at home. Almost.

Chapter six was a whole different story. We could count what we needed to count, but the story is unclear. Shall we count what we see, or shall we count what is actually there? We tried both answers. Any which one would have been valid, so we accepted reality and went on our way.

Chapter seven was a stop along the way. No more, no less. Stop.

Chapter eight however turned out fine. We were where we needed to be and we saw what we needed to see. While navigating our way along the path we noticed strange things going on. First we past some sort of gate. It was as if we were taken on a journey through space and time itself. The further we entered the gate, the further the world seemed to part from us. When we finally emerged on the other side we had entered whole new world. A world where we did not fit in. We were the outsiders, we were the strange bunch. We did not belong where we were, for we were alive and all else was dead, dying or in more than one ways: not alive. We pushed onwards, took a few turns, fell into a few traps, and finally we saw our goal.

The door was not locked, so everything we had done so far had been time consuming but not necessarily necessary. We opened the door, took a deep breath and dove inside. We did the thing you do with the quarters and even did it with a few eurocoins. Since we are from the Netherlands we tend to carry that type of money. FYI: eurocoins also work in machine ;)

We took quite some time discovering and looking all around, so by the time we left the tower, it had become pitch dark. Thankfully the guardian had left some more surprises, so we were able to leave the premisis without being harmed by the non-living things.

See? Better than “yip. What he said”... And since we are (s far as I can see) the first Dutch geocachers to receive a smiley at the Necropolis, I think we did alright. Although I take off many hats to Crossmage for his log. And it is only thanks to him and his unlimited cell-phone plan we managed to the end.

Thank you LordBritish for this cache. It was one of the best we have done in our caching “career”. Like Inge said: “better than SixFlags Halloween party in the Netherlands”

out: tb
in: tb
Je hoeft dus niet de hele boel te doen. Op de stenen bij het opgegeven coordinaat staan de codes die je nodig hebt om de deur te openen.
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GC1X24H OOPS077 Seven-Seven-Seven  geocaching 

GC1X24F OOPS076 Trombones  geocaching 

GC1X249 OOPS075 Watershed   geocaching 

GC1X243 OOPS074 PJ Phone Home   geocaching 

GC1X23Z OOPS073 Zippity too tight!   geocaching 

GC1X23P OOPS072 Rock Garden   geocaching 

GC1X23F OOPS071 Cholla   geocaching 

GC1X23A OPS070 Rumplestumpskin   geocaching 

GC1X237 OOPS069 Playing for the Other Side   geocaching 

GC1X233 OOPS068 Good Gravy!   geocaching 

GC1X22Y OOPS067 Near the Ranch   geocaching 

GC1X22K OOPS066 Get Your Kicks!   geocaching 

GC1X22G OOPS065 Stubby Clarksdale   geocaching 

GC1X220 OOPS064 Keystone   geocaching 

GC1X21W OOPS063 Four Chumps   geocaching 

GC1X21P OOPS062 The Mystery Cache   geocaching 

GC1X21J OOPS061 Geezer   geocaching 

GC1X21D OOPS060 High on a Hilltop   geocaching 

GC1X226 OOPS059 Double-tree   geocaching 

GC1X214 OOPS058 CR414   geocaching 

GC1X210 OOPS057 Roller Coaster   geocaching 

GC1X20R OOPS056 Rolling Hills  geocaching 

GC1X207 OOPS053 Down in a hole  geocaching 

GC1X204 OOPS052 Skeleton Key   geocaching 

GC1X1ZZ OOPS051 Black Angus   geocaching 

GC1X1RB OOPS050 Silver Birch   geocaching 

GC1X1R0 OOPS049 White Water   geocaching 

GC1X1MR OOPS038 Red Eye   geocaching 

GC1X21D OOPS060 High on a Hilltop   geocaching 

GC1X1M0 OOPS036 Santa Rita   geocaching 

GC1X1KM OOPS035 Shudda Been a GRIM   geocaching 

GC1X1KC OOPS034 Guda's First Cache   geocaching 

GC1X1JN OOPS033 No Picnic   geocaching 

GC1X1HG OOPS031 H.O.T. Water Bottle   geocaching 

GC1X1HX OOPS030 Beggar's Lice   geocaching 


GC1X1H2 OOPS029 Windy Pond   geocaching 

GC1X1GZ OOPS028 Mud Pond   geocaching 

GC1X1GF OOPS027 Windsong   geocaching 

GC1X1G6 OOPS026 Cactus Flats  geocaching 

GC1X0NK OOPS025 Minty Fresh   geocaching 

GC1X0NH OOPS024 North Wind   geocaching 

GC1X0NC OOPS023 Low Rent Rendezvous   geocaching 

GC1X0N9 OOPS022 Cedar Valleyg   geocaching 

GC1X0N7 OOPS021 World Famous   geocaching 

GC1X0N2 OOPS020 Dirt Road   geocaching 

GC1X0MV OOPS019 Little Red Schoolhouse   geocaching 

GC1X0MN OOPS018 Go, Go, Golinda!   geocaching 

GC1X1QP OOPS048 Garter Snake   geocaching 

GC1X1QE OOPS047 Power Line   geocaching 

GC1X1PV OOPS046 Tree Ant   geocaching 

GC1X1Q8 OOPS045 Cinderella   geocaching 

GC1X1PH OOPS044 Red Dot   geocaching 

GC1RAD7 Dust to Dust - Majors Chapel   geocaching 

GC1PWMN Mikee's Bridge   geocaching 

GC147YK Ashes to Ashes - Oak Grove?   geocaching 

GC1014N Fletcher Cemetery   geocaching 

GC225AK SneaKEY   geocaching 

GC225AF INTREE level   geocaching 

GC126NQ Country Road   geocaching 

GC225AA Clam UP! (TB hotel)   geocaching 


GC1X0MB OOPS016 Outlaw  geocaching 

GC1X0M8 OOPS015 Photographic  geocaching 

GC1X0KX OOPS013 Cable  geocaching 

GC1X0M2 OOPS014 Dog Pound  geocaching 

GC1X0KK OOPS011 Windmill  geocaching 

GC1X0KH OOPS010 Redneck Palace  geocaching 

GC1X0KC OOPS009 Skunk Hollow  geocaching 

GC1X0K8 OOPS008 Eighty-Eight  geocaching 

GC1X1PA OOPS043 Water Hole  geocaching 

GC1X1P1 OOPS042 Blue Light Special  geocaching 

GC1X1NT OOPS041 See Soy  geocaching 

GC1X1N7 OOPS039 Dandelions in Bullet Holes  geocaching 

GC1X2A0 OOPS100 Lazy 100  geocaching 

GC1X29Z OOPS099 Chilton Cemetery  geocaching 

GC1X0K4 OOPS007 Twin Peaks  geocaching 

GC1X0JZ OOPS006 Moo!  geocaching 

GC1X0JW OOPS005 Tractor Pull  geocaching 

GC1X0JQ OOPS004 Canebrake  geocaching 

GC1X0JJ OOPS003 "The Usual"  geocaching 

GC1X0J6 OOPS001 Pink Satin  geocaching 

GC1X29R OOPS097 Stamina  geocaching 

GC1X29V OOPS098 Chilton Shortcut?  geocaching 

GC1X29N OOPS096 Shirley  geocaching 

GC1X29E OOPS095 Stop Sign  geocaching 

#1411-1499: 3 oktober 2010
NOVW(.nl) and Crossmage have joined forces for this powercaching day of fun. We tried one hundred and we did. This was xx/102.

Log signed as CMNOVW

cache run. 102 caches. In één dag. Pfrt.
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