GC16B8W Rat Portagecache  geocaching 

#0200: 26 mei 2008

in no-snow conditions this would clasify as terrain 2.5, maybe 3 I think. When approached from the snowdump it is a pretty simple an nice walk, great view of he lake.
Cache is hidden in such a way that it can be spotted easily when close enough. TFTC.

out: plastic half dollar US
in: 10 penny GB
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GCZHGJ Voyageur Route  geocaching 

#0201: 26 mei 2008

Nicely executed. Why don't give as hint "under a rock" ? Geez... Did you ask the workman to create more holes than usual, or what ? Like it ! Very nice search, on a reasonably nice location. Cache is in tiptop shape.

out: magnet and pins
in: ladybugs and smart-car
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#0202: 26 mei 2008

nice and easy drive up-to cache. You could try to grab and log from within the vehicle. According to our maps the cache is NOT in Manitoba but in Ontario ? The welcome center(s) are west from here.

out: scary puppet
in: paris keyhanger
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#0203: 26 mei 2008

ha ! We parked just around the bend. The walk is simple and very quiet. Even with transcanada next to us. This is a very nice area !

out: pin
in: butterfly
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GCVZ2P McHugh Browns  geocaching 

#0204: 26 mei 2008
@1445 >BR>
We wacked our way over here from "broken bridge". Crossed the beaverdam, and took 20min to walk 100m... Only now it turns out the path would have taken us all the way. Ahwell: nice and easy walk for the return trip...

Wow ! This is an absolutely gorgeos spot ! I wish we would have brought lunch instead of eating at the vistors center ! This place is worth a lot more time than we can spare, unfortunately.
We are first to find for 2008, cache is in great shape. TFTC

out: pin
in: 10 centimes and ladybugs
Wij dachten een korte wandeling te gaan maken. Dat was ook wel zo... Als we tenminste gewoon op het pad waren gebleven. Maar nee hoor. Wij moesten weer de pijl van de GPS volgen. Op die manier kwamen we wel over een beverdam, door een bos en vlak langs een prachtiug meertje. Iedere meter vooruit kostte moeite, maar het was het zeker waard, want de cache ligtt naast een doodstil meertje in een soort dal, waardoor je helemaal niets meer van de omgeving hoort.
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GC12W7R How much wood would a beaver chuck?  geocaching 

#0205: 26 mei 2008

Drive-in cache. parking at "the" clubhouse. Acording to gatekeeper for this location NO parcs pass is needed.
Nice and easy.

out: alien
in: ladybugs and 10 centavos (Brazilian money)
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GC14GHW Cache A Heat Wave  geocaching 

#0206: 26 mei 2008

Nice break from the highway. Strange sideways these. There are many, but they seem to be on no map.
The cache lies in plain site for whoever walks by. Probarbly only geocachers will be interested in walking here, so no problem I guess.

out: pin and shrekc-ard
in:. TB "Hamster-Journaal I"
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GCXC1Z Cache Grove. HALT! TCDNMB  geocaching 

#0207: 26 mei 2008

jikes, open in everybodys.view.
Great place for a tb-hotel. Busy hotel too! Gives me a headache doing the online paperworks. We covered the cache up a bit before leaving.

- Bug "La Cle / The Key" taken
- geocoin canadian" taken
- Bug "BUDDY TAGS" taken

- Bug "old bones" dropped
- Bug "MicroLogger Geocoin" dropped
- Bug "The ShutterBug" dropped
Vreemde plek: de highway is, zoals gebruikelijk, gedeeld door een groenstrook. Midden in deze groenstrook ligt deze cache. Gelukkig is er wel een parkeerplaats in het midden zodat je niet de weg hoeft over te steken.
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GCH26F Mickey Mouse  geocaching 

#0208: 26 mei 2008

We walked ovr from the "cache grove" TB-hotel. Had to cross the road. FOrtunately this roads seems deserted. The hint has fallen down, I put it upright against the tree.
Cachebox is filled to the brim. Nice !

out: pin
in: anti-skid pads
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GCBDD7 PinerestTCDNMB  geocaching 

#0209: 26 mei 2008

We should have walked straight back from "Mickey Mouse". Ofcourse we were goofy, and waked back to the rest-stop, only to discover we had to cross the highway once more. sigh...
Anyway: Nice location. Is the cache supposed to be in a hole ? If so, it has been moved to the other side of something big. If not, the next geocacher might consider to fill up the hole a bit. We arived and thought, looking at the empty hole, the cache had been ripped.

out: plastic flat doll-thing
in: anti-skid pads
En dat was cache nummer 3 bij deze parkeerplaats.
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GCZ028 Trans-Canada Travelbug Hotel   geocaching 

#0210: 26 mei 2008
What's a TB hotel without tb's ? Easy enough find so next to these 2 obvious landmarks... SInce there were no tb's or coins in, we dropped "yet another snoopy" tb.
out: pin and magnet
in: - Bug "Yet Another Snoopy" and 1 French Franc
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GC16DJ8 Ice Cube’s First  geocaching 

#0211: 27 mei 2008

Was there really no better place in Winnipeg than this ? The best thing about this cache is the close parking.

out: smiley
in: flat doll
Br. Naast een drukke spoorbaan, in een vuilnisbelt. Althans: als vuilnisbelt werd het gebruikt.
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GC1AK07 The Beary Patch  geocaching 

#0212: 27 mei 2008

ok. how do we avoid mugles here ? That is not possible !

out: cards
in: bear... but not the kind you are thinking off
Een heel erg opvallende plek: er staat een gebouw waar één of andere club inzit. Aan de voorkant van dat gebouw ligt de hoofdweg en er staat één (1 !) boom. Jawel: naast die boom hebben ze een cache neergelegd.
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GC156WY Zef's Bad Wolf!  geocaching 

#0213: 27 mei 2008

Nice hideout. We completely fail to understand the talking (logs) about tents ? coordinates point to the flowerbed ?!

out: keychanger
in: smiley
In de stad ligt een parkje. Uit de logs van vorige vinders begrijpen wij dat er naast de cache daklozen wonen, dus we zijn wat voorzichtig. De coordinaten wijzen naar het midden van een bloembed, de cache vinden we een paar meter verderop achter een boom. In het hele park is geen enkel teken van bewoning te vinden.
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GCKWVD East Gate, Part 2  geocaching 

#0214: 27 mei 2008

nice parc ! Hard parking for a 10m RV though... I backed in, and still there was some meter or so sticking out into the road.
The cache was easily spotted, and quickly logged. I am writing this on the "memorial bench", while we are having lunch.

out: florida keyhanger
in: phonecard (used...)
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GCRVN2 THE ZOO TRAIN  geocaching 

#0215: 27 mei 2008

This is a surprising parc. first part was maintained very well, this seems a bit more ruggid. Curious to see the next one !

Very very very obvious cache. You've got some balls placing it just like that...

out: airplane keychain
in: shrek card
Een heel mooi park. Eén deel is geschoren en onderhouden tot in de puntjes, een ander deel laten ze verwilderen. door het verwilderde deel rijdt een mini-treintje. In de lus van dit treintje ligt deze cache.
Wel een heel alternatief probleem: onze camperis bijna 10 meter lang, en past dus niet in de parkeervakken. We hebben het monster maar in de breedte over 4 normale parkeerplaatsen gezet, anders stond ie nog met een (flink) stuk op de weg.
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GCJDQ4 Assiniboine Forest Cache  geocaching 

#0216: 27 mei 2008

Very nice forest-like area you have found here. Very wet, with some very young trees.
EXTREMELY BEAUTIFUL cache hiding method ! May need a litle extra glue after the winter, but apart from that: I take my hat off to you! This is probarbly the nicest hide since we started our Canada trip.

out: X
This cache deserves a bug: Bug "New Year's Eve with SETx" in
Zomaar, midden in een woonwijk ligt een stuk on-ontwikkelde grond. Voorlopig hebben ze er maar bomen opgezet, die lekker hun ding doen. Midden in deze bomen chaos ligt een regenpoijp die met schors beplakt is. En die je dus absoluut niet ziet aankomen.
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GCPRMR Stevereeno's 1st Cache Ver.2  geocaching 

#0217: 27 mei 2008

Nice re-using of railroadtracks. Busy spot too ! I had to run to the location between passers-by.

out: sticklady
in: pencil
Ook in deze streken heffen ze wel eens een spoorlijn op. Normaal gesproken laat je dan de boel de boel en het rot vanzelf weg. Hier niet. Van de oude spoorbaan is een wandel/fiets pad gemaakt. Waar druk gebruik van gemaakt word. En weer: er staat één boom...
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GC15XAT School Daze Trove TCDNMB YLHD  geocaching 

#0218: 27 mei 2008

First at the wrong parking spot. Parking next to the school gives way better acces.
Grin on the cache ! The neighbours are not going to be to happy with all the people hanging around here ?

out: spoon
in: French Franc
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GCRFTF Max's Cache  geocaching 

#0219: 27 mei 2008

indeed a large cache. Almost had to unscrew the entire machine to find this...
Very cunning way of hiding. Although personally I think this might turn out dangerous. The machine has sharp and moving objects.

out: canadian microcoin
in: franc, florida keychain
Aan het eind van een paralel weg staat een maai (dors?) machine. Een gigantisch ding. Weg te roesten. En als reclame object te dienen. Alles in de machine is er nog: de motor, de messen, de vakjes, gaatjes en kistjes. Alles. En dan zit in één van de kistjes in de machine een cache. Je zoekt je helemaal een verzakking wlkee klep je open moet doen. En doordat je alle kleppen dus maar open maakt kom je scherpe onderdelen tegen.
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GC14B4 Burnside Cache  geocaching 

#0220: 27 mei 2008

Nice location, best reached driving towards Winnipeg. Otherwise turn at the lights and take the parallel road.
Nice place for some quick leg stretching. Cache was spotted very quick.

out: magnet and flashmob geocoin
in: pencil and "canadian geocoin"
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GCWK92 Radar Love (TCDNMB)  geocaching 

#0221: 27 mei 2008

hm... dead center of the highway. Depending on your stand of view: (un)fortunately neither love, nor radar. Many ticks instead. I killed 5 on site. Gr !

out: X
in:.Bug "pandalicious" dropped
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GCXRQB My first cache  geocaching 

#0222: 27 mei 2008

Nice place for dinner. We parked the RV next door, and cooked us some food. After dinner a nice walk to a HUGE cache.
Cache is a bit empty so I just added.

out: X
in: half dollar and airplane keychain and thin lady doll
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GCXKTK Bdn Bug Hotel  geocaching 

#0223: 27 mei 2008

We drove on the side road and saw location from the crossroads 1km away. Nice hotel. Clearly visible and findable. Full of TB's, so we took a few and dropped a few.

geocoin addict
yellow vw beetle

- Bug "Volvo XC90 Netherlands" dropped
- Bug "Webfoot's GSC&P December Geocoin" dropped
- Bug "La Cle / The Key" dropped
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GC123KH Piglets' Pause (TCDNMB)  geocaching 

#0224: 27 mei 2008

We parked right next to a truck with cows in it. Man do those stink ! And ofcourse the search took longer than we thought. Could somebody tell the city this area looks like east-Africa ? Sand, gravel, a gazillion tons of dust in the air, and stationary runinng trucks. Come over and see Nairobi nearby :lol:

The cache is neat ! Grin ! We were looking, but we did not see. :duh:

out: bear
in: traveltag Egyptian pound
Ook in Canada hebben ze regels en wetten die rijtijden reguleren. dus hebben ze overal parkeerplaatsen waar de grote jongens kunnen rusten. Helaas hebben ze daar niet overal asfalt voor neergelegd. In dit geval: zand voldoet prima. Tenminste, zolang het niet een paar dagen droog is. Dit was echt "Klein Kenia". Een gigantische zandstorm. Zand in je ogen, zand in je haren, zand overal. En dan nog eens een cache gaan zoeken ook. Gelukkig zagen we die op een gegeven moment in een boom hangen.
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GC13A9R Griswold Church Splash  geocaching 

#0225: 28 mei 2008

Nice litle spot. Very easy to drive up to.
Coordinates are 10m off. Cache is "hanging" nicely camo'ed

out: pin
in: candle
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GC132EQ The Seeker Splash - TCDNMB  geocaching 

#0226: 28 mei 2008

Took some troubs to get to. We are westbound, and most caches seem to be aimed at eastbound traffic. Fortuntely at the vistor center there is a turnaround.
Nice and easy. You could drve up to 2m distance if you really wanted. I is a bit of a stretch to get hold of the actual container.

out: pirate
in: portugese coasters
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GCY8A3 Moosomin  geocaching 

#0227: 28 mei 2008

Drive in cache. :haha:

looks like a nice forest ! Cache was spotted in a second. TFTC

out:-"Jailbreak Geocoin"
in: "Tracey the elephant" tb
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GCZQ2J Broadview TCDNSK  geocaching 

#0228: 28 mei 2008

Nice restarea. NO signs telling that you can not stay overnight...

Cache is grab'n go. Interior was moist (hm: wet...). We left it to dry in the sun a bit and did the last bit with tissue. Are we correct in thinking there is NO logbook, only a few sheets of paper ?

out: laser and pin
in: butterfly
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GC8DCA PFRA Tree Farm TCDNSK  geocaching 

#0229: 28 mei 2008

Jikes. The main gate closes at 1630. We sneaked in, and fortunately somebody was kind enough to show us the way to the picknick area. I don't understand why there is no sign to this great picknick spot.
The walk was easy, the cache was locatd quickly. It survived winter in tip-top shape.

out: ALL the money (12c or so)
in: hairpins an German Mark coin
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GC4DAE DreamWeaver  geocaching 

#0230: 28 mei 2008

huh ? This is a tupperware box, standing on the ground next to a tree. No birds nest of any kind nearby ? Are we missing some fun here ? If this is what the cache is supposed to be, you'd better set difficulty to 1, if not: maintanance is needed.

out: transport ticket
in: ruler
Een serie neergelegd door een lokale schoolvereniging. In een natuurgebied(je) dat werkelijk fenomenaal mooi is. Er is van alles. En er ligt een stapel geocaches.
Het is hier zo mooi, dat we besluiten om te blijven slapen. Met de camper op de parkeerplaats.
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GC4DE2 Woody's Whereabouts  geocaching 

#0231: 28 mei 2008
Upon aproach it was clear right away. Fun idea !

out: tb (probarbly signal says)
in: goodies
Onder een boom staat een ammo kistje. Op slot. Maar het sleuteltje is vlak bij, namenlijk in een uitgeholde boomstam die boven de cache hangt. Erg leuk idee. Zonde dat er geen onderhoud aan deze serie meer gepleegd word.
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GC4DB1 Hang Ten   geocaching 

#0232: 28 mei 2008

Wow ! I wanted to make EXACTLY this kind of hide before we left. I have now seen how its made: superthing !

out: batman
in: tb "WHERE DA FARQRWE" -> wants to see homer about his homeplanet...
Vreselijk leuk: hoog aan een boom hangt een metalen ring. Daardoorheen een touw, en je hebt een instant lift. Euhm: cache.
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GC4DE4 Diamonds Are Forever  geocaching 

#0233: 28 mei 2008

It is getting dark, so this is the last one for today. Incredible that these caches don't disapear every week. Again: either we are missing the whole clue, or difficulty should be downwards adjusted.
No matter what: you have given us a nice early evening walkabout in this area ! Thank you. And for this cache: the diamnonds guard is a nice touch.

out: X
in: bear
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GCJEFK Philip Park Hideaway  geocaching 

#0234: 29 mei 2008

Nice litle parc ! Great parking off Philips street indeed.
CAche was located on the ground (!) quick.

out: beltbuckle
in: candles
in: bear
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GCGHC9 Happy Birthday  geocaching 

#0235: 29 mei 2008

great view from up there ! Unfortunately we are having heavy overcloud.
coordinates are off by almost 10m . Read the hint, and you should find it.

out: pin
in: candles
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GC161V6 Tree Line  geocaching 

#0236: 29 mei 2008

Ok, before I had properly parked the vehicle, my wife was already carrying this one back to the RV. Very quick find.

out: pin
in: candles
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GC164H1 Casa Del Pajaro Inn - TCDNSK  geocaching 

#0237: 29 mei 2008

Geez ! When found its easy as . While standing next to the actual hide, we were uncertain waht to do next. Sticky trick you pulled here ! Nice.

3 tb's in the hotel. Only one of them has a note attached what it wants. Gr w We will assume the other ones want to travel without destination.

ton of fun tb and "Ace-Elmo" tb
"BUDDY TAGS" dropped
"Rita the traveling Gnome Geocoin" dropped
Aan een boom hangt een vogelhuisje. Maar het gaatje is dicht...
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GC15CX9 Hallooween In The Hollow 2  geocaching 

#0238: 29 mei 2008

and another FTF. for 2008. CAche winterized perfectly. Everything is dry and in good shape.
As usual we thought too dificult. I spotted the cache from the waterside...
Nice box, bad cammo :lol: very litle halloween stuff in it.

out: X
in: scary alien...
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GCXKJG Big Little Cache  geocaching 

#0239: 29 mei 2008

When aproaching we saw an empty tupperware boxamongst the garbage. We were afraid this was the cache, resting in peace. Turns out, we were wrong.
Found the cache and did our thing

out: magnet
in: ruler
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GC1423Y Skydive South Sask Cache  geocaching 

#0240: 29 mei 2008

As another logger pointed out: nothing discrete about this one ! I think when you are falling out of the sky, you'd still be able to spot it. Unfortunatley the lid is not waterproof. The goodies are in reasonable shape, logbook is soaked. We placed the whoe contents of the cache in a bag, into the container, and replaced the bag that holds the logbook.

out: tb ol' fart and the pen
in: cacheasaurus tb and a (new) pen

PS: BEWARE , BE CAREFUL, I replaced the cache UPSIDE DOWN !!! If this keeps water out better, maybe somebody could put some bands around it ?
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GCKNDV Golf View   geocaching 

#0241: 29 mei 2008

Walked right from the Walmart, straight acros the golfcourse. :grin:

Caches lid is broken, logsheet is soaking wet. Can not write on it, so wrote log on a single paper.
Took TB, did not drop one: the only TB I carried on me during this hunt is made of iron. Iron rusts.

in: candles
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GCMYFE Birds, Saskatchewan TCDNSK  geocaching 

#0242: 29 mei 2008

Oops. Where do you put a cache here ??!! We followed the hint more than the GPS actually, and spotted the odd thing imediately. When I picked up the hide, 3 mice jumped out and a truely horrible smell hit my nose. After the first trembles subsided, I had another look, and discovered a full mouse nest and 2 more tiny critters in the hide. And the smell... JUCK !
After carefully removing the cache from the hide, I could see it is in great shape. We signed the log, tok a bunch of pictures, and I carefully replaced the cache in the hide. Did I mention the smell ? JUCK ! I think the mice will remain where they are, with the babies and all, so next person: please be carefull ? Oh, and bring some deodorant, because the smell ? JUCK!

out: tb "Scoop"
in: tb Grate
We rijden nergens. Letterlijk: nergens. Er zijn geen huizen, er zijn geen bomen, er zijn geen eens mensen. Het is hier vokomen desolaat en uitgestorven. Je kunt kilometers ver om je heen kijken, en dan zie je nog steeds niks. De wereld kan vergaan als je hier rijdt, en je zou het niet eens merken.
Maar natuurlijk ligt er wel een geocache !
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GC17C6J Jailhouse Rock  geocaching 

#0243: 29 mei 2008

After our mouse encounter of the first kind, we were a bit more careful. Fortunately no mice here. Nice location. HUGE snowshovel !

The cache was found with relative aase. Fortunately my arms are 5m long, so I could just reach it...

out: coin "5 year celbration and tb "Country Cow"
in: "Katrina's Canada Micro 2008 Geocoin"
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GC12PH1 J-Mac  geocaching 

#0244: 30 mei 2008

Finallý! A break after 160k from Gull Lake. Badly needed. Busy location, but with a great view.
I looked for 5min before I stumbled on the cache. It is hidden in a way I have not seen before here in Canada. This is how many of the caches with us are hidden...

out: "tb with a ring", but no name and tb "booboo bear".
in: "yellow punch buggy" tb.
Na 160 kilometer niets zijn bomen een welkome afwisseling.
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GC16GA9 Ghost Train  geocaching 

#0245: 30 mei 2008

The navigator software got lost in this area. So I just followed the pointing arrow on the GPSr.
Nice location. I waited for a train. It never came...
I had some trouble locating the cache. The coordinates are spot on, but there ws nothing I could find. So I removed some and hey: there it was!

out:keychain pen
in: t-shirt...
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GCVG5V Birds, AB - American Crow  geocaching 

#0246: 30 mei 2008

we were on the wrong side of the mountain side... 3.8 km later we walked straight over. No crows ???
The cache contained only 2 items. I like both, so...

out: pins
in:.baseball and pin and bear and ladybugs and German Mark and magnet and 3 things you can track a pencil through onto paper
TomTom bracht ons naar het dichtsbijzijnde punt: boven aan de berg. en toen moesten we loodrecht zo'n 100 meter omlaag. Dat leek ons toch een iets minder plan. Naar beneden lukt nog wel, maar dan terug...
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GC1336V 2007 WHL Champions- Medicine Hat Tigers  geocaching 

#0247: 30 mei 2008

easy find ! nice riverview !

out: homer
in: batman
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GCW7W9 J.F.W. Cool Blitz   geocaching 

#0248: 30 mei 2008

Superb parc area. Very nice and quiet. In an ampty parking lot it is easy parking...
Cache located after just a short swim euhm: walk

out: spiderman
in: paperclips and friends-tag
Ook in deze stad heeft men een stadspark aangelegd. Een grappig stuk natuur zo midden in de natuur. Want van verstedelijking is niet echt sprake. Hoe dan ook, een watertje maakt het park compleet. En in een kunstmatig watertje moet natuurlijk een kunstmatig eiland. Schiereiland, want je moet er wel nog op kunnen komen.
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GCYJVW Off the path  geocaching 

#0249: 30 mei 2008

track closed due to high river. Hm. Should we ? Ah ! We are geocaching. Some highwater wil not stop us !
And indeed, it didn't...

out: pin
in: radio, can not figure out how to work it.

PS: If you bring aaa-batteries, the digital camera in the cache IS working ! !
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GCT3MB Riverside  geocaching 

#0250: 30 mei 2008

Another one of those signs telling me the trail is closed. Bah! humbug. Lets enter.
Cache is NOT at its original position according to the logbook. It was moved may 27 (21?) because somebody found it in the road.

Looking at the area and the coordinates I am assuming the cache is supposed to be on the] east side of the path inside a tree.I added some extra cammo. There is now a tree inside a tree and a pink ring showing you were to look.

IF WE WERE WRONG HERE PLEASE EXCUSE US, and next finder can put it back on the ground behind the trees.

out: pin
in: butterfly
Dus... we lopen over het pad, en de GPS wijst naar een boomstram. In die boomstam zit een gat. Perfect geschikt onopvallende plek om een cache in te steken. Maar helaas: geen cache. We zoeken verder en vinden achter een boom een stukje verderop een geocache. Met in het logboekje een notitie van een jogger die deze toevallig had gevinden, naar huis had meegenomen, opgezocht had waar het over gibng, en 'm toen weer terug gelegd had.
Aardige mesen, die Canadezen !
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GCPXBM KeyChain Cache  geocaching 

#0251: 30 mei 2008

Windy spot with nice views. Coordinates are 11m off.
Nice collection of keychains you have here. We added 2.

out: nonkeychain items: green animal and whistle
in: 2 keychains ofcourse
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GC16MBQ How do you get a cat out of a tree?  geocaching 

#0252: 31 mei 2008

Nice parc. Had to drive around the block a few times, because of sidewalk constructions.
Cache was found quick, after some wading through kneehigh grass... We have no cat-items to trade, so TFC. TNLN
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GCZWC4 Totem Dedicated to Their Builders  geocaching 

#0253: 31 mei 2008

hm. Railroad crossing !
Nice hide. A bit small though.

out: patch
in: candles
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GCZG98 Inner City Park - Bridgeland  geocaching 

#0254: 31 mei 2008

very steep climbs up here. Nice "innercity" parc (seriously, you call this innercity ?? this is a great suburb site.)
Found very fast.

out: cardgame
in: whistle
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GC11MFW The Valley  geocaching 

#0255: 31 mei 2008

nice lookout point ! Great parking for 2 caches in one run.
Hide is pretty obvious, although not many people will walk this excact area.

out: pin
in: ladybugs
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GC12HCG Maddie's 12th Birthday Bash Cache  geocaching 

#0256: 31 mei 2008

Gni. even with coordinates 9m off, quick find.

out: tb jeep ( jpbbe7 ) and deck of cards
in: tb "Ace-Elmo" and special HOORAY (hoera in Dutch, use at next birthday!)
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GCZ2MA Park Your Dog - Scarboro / Sunalta  geocaching 

#0257: 31 mei 2008

The rains are coming ! We are in a hurry to stay dry.
Simple find. Easy location

out: x
in: some green thingy
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GCYM6Y Travel Bug 'SLEEP INN' Rest Stop  geocaching 

#0258: 31 mei 2008

parked on top of the hill. Where to enter the bushes ? By luck we found the path leading down. After that it is simple.

out: tb billiard bug#2 and cd
in: - tb "OL' FART TB"
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GCB542 Douglas Fir Cache  geocaching 

#0259: 31 mei 2008

Superb walk down ! Thank you ! Problems wil occur when trying to get back up...
The cache took some thinking, but turns out spot-on simple. A standup cache!

out: mickey
in: candle
We parkeren boven aan een dal. Zeg maar gerust een gat. Van zo'n 100 meter diep. Gelukkig vinden we wel een pad naar beneden, dus vol goede moed gaan we op stap. Dan blijkt dit een flink onderhouden park te zijn, met nette wandelpaden, trappetjes om beneden te komen en boardwalks zodat je droge voeten houdt. Onder een boardwalk vinden we de cache, maar dan moeten we nog terug omhoog...
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GCVK5B Don't Smoke!  geocaching 

#0260: 31 mei 2008

We came up from below. Holy mumma ! Steeeeep climb !
Cache was lying without any form of cover. We covered it up a bit

out: pathcoin
in: mickey keychain
Dus wij staan beneden in het ravijn, zegt die GPS dat de volgende cache hier rechts omhoog ligt. Ja dahaag ! Hier kun je alleen maar recht omhoog. We lopen een stuk verder, maar komen nog steeds geen pad omhooig tegen, dus dan toch maar: 100 meter recht tegen een bergwand op. Puf. Dan ben je goed kapot als je boven komt.
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GC125MG Miles To Go  geocaching 

#0261: 31 mei 2008

After dinner, a few caches to get rid of the calories. Very nice place in town. Worth a visit.
Cache is hidden nicely out of view.

out: pin
in: ruler
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GCN6GJ Family delights  geocaching 

#0262: 31 mei 2008

This is way better then the parc on the other side of town. No problems, just a nice parc.
Cache can be spotted from a-far.

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GCA8A5 A Dam Good Cache  geocaching 

#0263: 1 juni 2008

Wide roads with tiny TV parking. Actually: no RV parking. We had to park along the road, because there is no way we would have fit in there.

This sounds like a great place: I can HEAR birds !
The cachewas located quickly. BOX IS BROKEN !! Contents still dry, due to overhanging rocks.

out: party stamp
in: butterfly
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GCMFBN For j2d2 - 2b  geocaching 

#0264: 1 juni 2008

Aha ! Off the asphalt now, Wow ! The river is running wild ! IT must be spring...
Nice location, quick find

out: dogpuppet
in: giraffepuppet
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GCMFBE Cache with a View to the bow  geocaching 

#0265: 1 juni 2008

Steep down. An aproach from above seems smarter. Nicely hidden ! We would have walked right past it !

out: X
in: Ladybugs
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GCMFB7 For j2d2 - 1b  geocaching 

#0266: 1 juni 2008

We were on the wrong side of the parc. Maybe because we came from above ?
Very quickly spotted. Thanks for the hint !

out: bishops pathtag
in: candles
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GC175JC RT - Scott Lake Hill (TCDNAB)  geocaching 

#0267: 1 juni 2008

With a 50/50 percent cance of needing to climb a fence, we ofcourse took the fence route. Hm. After backtracking from the swamps that lie beyond, we had a quick find.

out: pin
in: party stamp
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GCYMYM Short Walk in the Park   geocaching 

#0268: 1 juni 2008

This looks like a superb bikepath. The scenery is gorgeos. Nice place you have taken us.
The cache was found fast. It turns out we are the second visitor for today ! That a first !

out: tb canada key
in: tb transport tickets of the world
Hier ligt een uiters mooi fietspad (alweer !). Een strak asfalt lint dwars oor de natuur. Fijn om te zien dat fietsers in Canada serieus genomen worden.
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GC10JHA Heart Creek - TB Hotel   geocaching 

#0269: 1 juni 2008

We drove right by the correct exit of the freeway. 10k later we found a turnaround. On the return trip, I noticed another turnaround we could have used, halfway. Duh !

The cache is found quickly.

tb dogtag (noname ?!)
tb "doug and slug"

tb "ton of fun"
trabvelertag 20 slovenia
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GC15KB6 SnowWalkers TC Trail Cache #2  geocaching 

#0270: 1 juni 2008

Heading west, we managed to cross the highway. There were no signs telling us we could not...

The walk up was a nice one, and the cache relatively simple. We are FTF for 2008, so I think I'll take the coin...

out: coin and bearbell
in TB "country cow" and coupon (RV toilet liquids !) and golfball
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GC13T5Q Home Away From Home  geocaching 

#0271: 1 juni 2008

Drive in cache. The views are undescibalble fantastic. Cache looked empty, we filled her up !

out: pin
in: #1 medal and hippo
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GC9B2B Glacier  geocaching 

#0272: 3 juni 2008
ok, I did not even know this cache was there, till we returned home. We found it .
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GCJE0C MirrorView on Fairview  geocaching 

#0273: 3 juni 2008
Holy mummy... We thought: neh. pfrt. Just 3km. Thats not too bad. Nice walk for the morning... Boy, were we flatlanders wrong !! This is the toughest walk we have taken in a long long time. Thank heavens for the teahouse. That they have an unwarmed "diningroom", and staff without a clue: does not matter. We needed an hour to cool off from the walk up. To the unaware (like us), parking is at 1735m above sealevel, the cache is roughly at 2075m above sealevel...(!) That's one and a half hours worth of walking. up.

The cache was searched for on the way down, and less hard than expected . Still quite a hike extra. What a breathtaking view from here. Thank you. I doubt very much is any mugle has ever seen mirror lake from up here.

Why don't you post actual cache coordinates??? N51 25.010 / W116 14.453 . Walking to the teahouse, the path makes a sharp turn. Go up there. You've just saved 10min of rockclimbing...

out: timetraveler tb and pin
in: CITO tb and swordsman and dutch flag. (because we are)

PS, you might want to consider putting a smaller logbook, or a bit larger cache. The logbok is torn apart, because it hardly fits through the opening. CACHE IS FULL !! VERY FULL !! Maybe next cacher could take the logbook out, and send it to owner by regular mail ? Since it looks like the owner has not been here for quite a while:

PPS: to the owner: a letter has been waiting for you in the cache since 2004...
In Lake Louise ligt een cache, maar als we het zo lezen is het wel een flinke wandeling. Als we op de kaart kijken is het een wandeling van 3.5 km, ofterwijl 2.5 uur heen en terug.
We gaan naar de parkeerplaats, en zien op de GPS dat de cache 1.85km bij ons vandaan ligt. Dus besluiten we de wandeling te maken. We denken er ongeveer 1.5 uur over te gaan doen. Foutje... Die 1.85km is hemelsbreed... Dit gaat flink omhoog en dus slingerend langs de bergwand. We lopen eerst langs Lake Louise. Hier is het heel druk met toeristen. Er staat een gigantisch hotel (ze noemen het een chateau), er zijn netjes aangelegde wandelpaden en bruggetjes. Het water van het meer is blauw: het lijkt wel of Disney langs is geweest. Het water is nog gedeeltelijk bevroren, wat een apart aangezicht geeft aan het spiegelmeer.
We beginnen vol goede moed aan de aangegeven wandeling. Al snel hebben we door dat het hier behoorlijk stijl omhoog gaat. We lopen tussen de dennenbomen, en beneden horen we de toeristen vrij snel al niet meer. Het is een mooie klim. Tussen de bomen door zie je het blauwe water van Lake Louise. Het lijkt steeds feller blauw te worden. Na ruim een half uur vragen we ons af of het nog wel zin heeft om door te gaan. We klimmen zo ontzetten hard. We waren toen al van 1730m hoogte naar 1890m geklommen, en we voelden dat best. Maar we hebben toch maar besloten om door te lopen. Zonde van het eerste stuk, om nu terug te gaan. Dus toch maar doorzetten.
Na nog eens ruim een half uur kwamen we bij “Mirror Lake”. Inmiddels waren we beland op een dusdanige hoogte dat er zelfs nog sneeuw op het pad lag. Mirror Lake was onwijs mooi, gedeeltelijk bevroren en met zocht op een stukje waterval. Het gaf weer nieuwe energie. Nog ongeveer 450m tot de cache en 800m naar het theehuis bij Lake Agnes. Voorbijgangers zeiden dat het open was. We besluiten eerst door te lopen om daar een kopje thee te drinken en uit te rusten en dan op de terugweg te gaan zoeken naar de cache.

Het was redelijk vol in het theehuisje en we schuiven aan bij 2 Nederlanders. We drinken thee en warme chocomelk, en eten een biscuit broodje. Na een uur bijkomen en kletsen beginnen we aan de terugweg.
De heenweg duurde 1 uur en 40 minuten. We waren van de parkeerplaats op 1730m geklommen naar het theehuis op 2110m. Op weg naar beneden zoeken we de cache. We klauteren over de rotsen tot Niels hem uiteindelijk vind. We ruilen de TB om, en gaan weer op het pad terug. Over de weg naar beneden doen we 1 uur en 20 minuten. Terug bij de camper zijn we helemaal kapot en bezweet. We rusten even uit voor we aan de autorit beginnen.
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GCRDDT Radical Radium  geocaching 

#0274: 4 juni 2008

we parked at the sewerplant and walked one straight line to the cache. The bear warning dates aug. 2007. What do you think ? Is it still valid ? Easy hide. TFTC

out: magnet
in: jewelery (necklace and earrings)
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GCG1TM Olive Lake Canada Cache  geocaching 

#0275: 4 juni 2008

The sign says this is a 20min walk. I don't know if we are superdutch, we did it in 6min flat...

Cache actually took some time to locate, since I was trying to get a hold of it without leaving the boardwalk. Dizzy alert :lol:

out: magnet
in: TB "Circle Of Friendship / ring"
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GCKG1W CanyonCache  geocaching 

#0276: 4 juni 2008

22 minutes after leaving the vehicle, we hit the jackpot. The main route is very busy with mugles, the sidepath to the cache is deserted. Very good place for a quiet moment and for a cache.
No searching needed to locate the cache. GPS brought us straight to the correct location.

For the unaware, like us: just pass the "lower falls", follow the path less than 2min and follow cache instructions. In and out WITHOUT SNOW should take less than 45min. including pictures.

Nice cache. Much larger than we expected. Some very nice items in there too !

coin "flagcoin"
tb " MLS soccer ball"
deck of cards

tb "World Traveler USA Geocoin"
1 euro chip "holland casino"
special paperclips
dutch button ("if you can read this, you are too close")
Ook weer zo'n plek waar je niet snel komt. Er staat wel een bord langs de kant van de weg, maar ja. Canyons zijn er genoeg. Dus waarom dan deze perse in wandelen ?
Het blijkt dat ze hier aan de wand van de canyon een pad hebben gehangen. En dás wel zo prettig, want de rivier gaat als een wilde tekeer. Gelukkig hangt het pad net hoog genoeg om droog te blijven. Erg grappig om te zien dat ze vroegâh anders langs de rivier liepen: over de rotsen, met touwen om je aan vast te houden. door de komst van het massatoerisme is deze gevaarlijke route afgesloten. Langs een makkelijk stuk van de oude route ligt wel onder een boom deze cache op ons te wachten.
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GCGK88 Golden's First - TCDNBC  geocaching 

#0277: 5 juni 2008

We parked at s 7th and turned this into a drive-in cache...
Very quickly spotted. Almost lying without cover. We will try to cover better.

NOTE: CONTAINER IS BROKEN (crack in bottom) and probarbly needs replacement. No way this will remain waterproof much longer.

out: magnets
in: candles
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GC14084 Porky1  geocaching 

#0278: 5 juni 2008

We would not have found this one without the hint. Coordinates are off (according to our Garmin) by 15m. Way outside our regular search circle.
Nice cache, with hint spotted quickly.

out: pins and magnets
in: golfball and compass
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GCPBF0 Sheriff Redgrave  geocaching 

#0279: 5 juni 2008

Easy driveon cache.

Second time this trip we are second to find on the same day ! Geocaching season has begun...

TNLN, tftc
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GCGGK9 TCH Ille-cille-what?  geocaching 

#0280: 5 juni 2008

In the pooring rain, it turned out to be quite a challenge to leave the highway. Wow ! Canadian truckers are insane !
Anyway. The cache was found very very fast. I would change the hint a bit... More like "almost under" or so.

out: tb pokemon
in: tb booboobear
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GCP66Y Greenbelt 2  geocaching 

#0281: 5 juni 2008

We parked at the lumberyard gate. It seems more people have done it. They saw the GPS and did not bother asking no more...
Very, very easy cache. It lied completely uncovered. I put some cover on the cache.

NOTE: cachelid is cracked ... Waterproof no more I am afraid.

out: x
in: travelerstag 18832
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GC1AQVN In Memory of Cody  geocaching 

#0282: 6 juni 2008

The blocks put us off. We walked past the parking lot that is closed in summer.
Cache was easy find.

out: kidstoy
in: ruler
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GC12Y64 Sicamous Creek  geocaching 

#0283: 6 juni 2008

Nice walk, GPS went coocoo... but we found it !
Nice full cache, took stuff, and placed some. I am writing this log sitting on a bench down at the river. With a tremendous view and only the sound of the river in my ears. To everybody that passes here: the walk is short and worth it. Extra added note: path loops back to the parking.

out: free Wendys dessert and zigity cardgame (curious !)
in: kingkong and #1 medal
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GCZNFN Beaver's Hideaway  geocaching 

#0284: 6 juni 2008

We parked along the wrong street ofcourse. There is plenty parking just 5m from the cache...
Looked around for a bit. I think your hide might disapear soon ? Like when the garbagecollector comes around ?

out: monkey
in: puppet
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GCQ68Y A Bit of Local History  geocaching 

#0285: 6 juni 2008

After finally locating the parking place this was a very nice walk. We had some great views of the lake. It must be dangerous, because half way we were met by an 80cm high dog that walked with us till we hit the cache. He seems nice enough, but boy: that dog was HUGE!!!
Quite fun to see how this "canal" differs from the Roman ones: this was built to last a few years, while the Romans built for eternity. It shows...

out: keychain
in: cheetah
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GC58F6 BX Falls  geocaching 

#0286: 6 juni 2008

We first went down to the fall. Vey nice, without geocaching we would never ever have been here. thank you!
After climbing back up again we did not see the hint from the trail, but the GPS pointed us in the right direction.

out: button and pin and FOOD ITEMS (which, even wrapped, should not be in a cache I think)
in: keychain and French Franc
Midden in een woonwijk, een park. Eigenlijk meer een gat waar ze niet in kunnen bouwen omdat het te diep en te steil is waarschijnlijk, maar enfin: een mooi stukje hier. Gecompleteerd door een waterval van toch snel een flink aantal meters hoog. Zonder bord ernaartoe, zonder parkeerplaats voor wandelaars. Nee hoor: alleen maar voor lokalen. en voor geocachers.
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GCV2GQ BX Ranch Enchanted Forest  geocaching 

#0287: 6 juni 2008

And ofcoure we came in from the wrong way (Larkspur Rd). Ah well. There is a trail here too...
Very nice area (again). We saw many mugles walking dogs (again). The cache is nice... again!

out: gargoyle (?)
in: elephant
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GCTGAA Geocaching Rocks! -- Cache & TB Hotel  geocaching 

#0288: 6 juni 2008

Harhar. We were parked behind Safeway when we read the desription. I have no clue what a miltiplex is, so I thought Safeway was part of it... Ater driving up, I now know what a multiplex is...And had to return to the Safeway.

Coordinates are truly spot on ! Very fast find. TFTC


I don't know about the legal issues, but behind the Safeway is an unsecure internet acces point...

----END NOTE-----

out: diabetes ( Traunreut) TB and "it's a dogs life" TB
in: tb "mls soccer ball"
Een multiplex is dus een bioscoop. Weten wij veel... Wel prettig: er zit naast de supermarkt een winkel die (per ongeluk) zijn draadloos internet aan heeft laten staan. Ik kan eindelijk de logs weer eens bijwerken !
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GCQ9HN Vernon’s Polson Park - Take Time to See d’Rose!  geocaching 

#0289: 6 juni 2008

Wow ! This is an EXTREME mugle alert area.
We parked 10m RV to block the view, but there are mugles everywhere...

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GCZENV Mo Mo Menagerie  geocaching 

#0290: 6 juni 2008

walked from GCQ9HN to find this easy cache. The Japanese garden looks nice, the animals are completely ok with people.

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GCTXJF Pottery Road Book & TB Exchange  geocaching 

#0291: 6 juni 2008

Grunt... This is a HUGE cache... and heavy with them books too ! There is one book wet in the cache. Smelly and with more black than it is supposed to have (fungus?)

TFTC TNLN (no books done, so nothing to trade)
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GCTDWD Holiday Stash -- Happy Valentine's Day!  geocaching 

#0292: 7 juni 2008

what a lovely place! and so well maintaned to! Nice views.
Cache is hidden very very sneaky... Nice !

out: santa decoration
in: huge valentine heart (carefull opening the cache :lol: )
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GC11D9D Ashlyn’s Hidden Toy Treasure  geocaching 

#0293: 7 juni 2008

On a Saturday the fields behind the parc are very busy with muggles, but I think we managed to make a clean catch.

HaHaHaHaHa ! This one is hidden very very sneaky! We had a good laugh. How many people will look and completely miss it ? Nice ! Thank you

The cache has drifted somewhat from its theme, so:

out: magnet and Z-tb
in: (travel-)game for kids
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GCXTDN Cache in Peace - #3 Hidden Gem in Coldstream  geocaching 

#0294: 7 juni 2008

We drove by unintentionally. The road we wanted to take was closed, and the detour not high enough for our RV. Ahwell, might as well grab this one than...

Nice quiet parc for a Saturday. The neighbours sure don't seem to mind our presence. Coordinates first led to the stream. After reading the hint, it was one straight line.

out: pin
in: hairclip
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GC13TBE Old and the new - Coldstream TB Hotel  geocaching 

#0295: 7 juni 2008

Great place for lunch. I can not even imagine owning the upper part of a hill... Geez !

Located quickly. Only one tb left in the cache. We traded.
out: tb High Rollers Bowling
in: tb timetraveller (heading to Alaska)
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GCWNYE Salute the Flag - Falkland's Pride!  geocaching 

#0296: 7 juni 2008

Since we could not cross the road to log GCR16D, we visited this one.

This was grab 'n run cache ! Boy! This valley has a mosquito problem if I have ever seen one... Cache was hard to spot with the buzzing in my ears and the black in front of my eyes.

out: pin
in: another Ca flag.
Zelden heb ik zo veel muggen bij elkaar gezien. Het leek wel de internationale bijeenkomst !
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GCQR2W Westwold - "Oh Christmas Tree!"   geocaching 

#0297: 7 juni 2008

Nice parking next to a nice parc.

For a christmas themed cache the contents was un-christmassy. I had high hopes for this one, since I am president of the Dutch christmashouses collectors ( http://www.kerstdorpen.nl ) and am totally into christmas. There were few christmas items, so we took a non-christmas thing and added a santa decoration we kept from an earlier cache.

out: cooking station
in: porcelain santa
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GCJZZF Duck Meadows  geocaching 

#0298 7 juni 2008

We like highway 97. Nice and winding through the landscape. Great views, and usually not to busy. This location is very nice. We had a nice walk. Cache was located in a jiffy. The logbok does not really require replacing, just use the emtpy pages.
We left a new one, because we have brought one along. Just in case.

out: pins and monkey
in: notebook, gargoyle and mama button.
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 GCNN91 UP THE CREEK  geocaching 

#0299 7 juni 2008

Parking space ? WHAT parkingspace :lol: We were ofcourse "at the railroadside" first time around, so we had to backtrack, since these bushes ca not be penetrated (I can show you the scars haha).
Very well hidden. Zero chance of anybody hitting this by accident...

out: tb "Zanadians Hotwheel"
in: rainbow furnace

Extra free bonus tip: Look for the purple ribbon, and you are on the right path. (less tree whacking...)
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